It is REQUIRED that all patients bring a driver to take them home, since people react differently to minor surgical procedures.

Discontinue all blood thinners, Aspirin and NSAID medication one week prior to the procedure date. These medications are all blood thinners and can increase the risk of abnormal bleeding. NSAIDS (non-steroidal ant-inflammatory medicines) include Ibuprophen (Advil and Motrin), Naproxin (Aleve), Diclofen (Voltarin), nambutone etc. Please call our office if you are unsure about a medication.

• The night prior to your procedure wash the scrotum thoroughly and shave a 2 x 2 inch area on the scrotum immediately below the base of the penis. (We will do for you, but nowhere will you get a closer nick free shave than the comfort of your home).

• Eat and drink normally the day of your procedure. Patients who come for the procedure and have not eaten all day, or night are much more likely to have issues with low blood sugar, nausea and feeling faint. Have a snack a couple hours prior to your appointment. By the same token don’t eat a huge meal within 2 hours of the procedure.

• Bring snug underwear or an athletic supporter, along with roomy, comfortable trousers to wear home. Many men choose to wear an athletic supporter for the first several days afterwards.


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