• Go directly home and rest the remainder of the day.

• You should use ice packs, (or a bag of frozen peas) and apply them for 20 min intervals (on / off) the day of and morning after to help minimize pain (the numbing medicine will wear off in 3-6 hours) and swelling / inflammation.

• For 48 hours, you should avoid heavy lifting (> 40 Lbs.) and any strenuous activity. Optimally, this decreased activity should be for 3-4 days if possible. Running, basketball, swimming, climbing tree stands, sex and tennis are included in activities you should avoid.

• Day 3, you may be up and about but avoid heavy lifting. Day 4-5 you may resume all normal activities and work as tolerated.

• Keep incision dry for 24+ hours. After 24 hours, it is OK to shower. Gently suds, rinse and pat dry. No tub baths for 5 to 7 days. No oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, tubs or hot tubs for at least 1 week.

• May resume sexual activity in 5-7 days. Proceed gently at first and if it hurts, refrain from activity. No ejaculations for 5 days.

• Mild swelling and/ or bruising is normal, as is a 1/8 inch of redness around the puncture site. If you have a temperature, are draining purulent fluid from the vas site, or get a third lump in your scrotum or significate swelling of a testicle, please call us promptly. A pea sized bump under the Band-Aid at the puncture site is NORMAL. Please call if gets larger (marble size) or has persistent drainage drainage or increasing redness or pain.

• You may use Tylenol or medication prescribed by the physician for pain. Most patients do not require narcotics immediately after the procedure and do well with Tylenol alone. You may use Ibuprofen (Advil), Naproxin (Aleve), NSAIDS after 24 hours post procedure as per label instructions.

• Vasectomy does NOT make one immediately sterile (averages 2-4 months with a range of 2 – 6 months). USING BIRTH CONTROL IS REQUIRED UNTIL A SEMEN TEST CONFIRMS STERILITY.

• If you have any problems, concerns or questions, please call the office at 423-573-8100.

Semen Analysis
• You should have a cup with your name on it from our office. If it is lost, any small glass or plastic container with a lid will work. Write your name on it. A Ziploc bag or a condom will NOT work.
• Abstain from ejaculations 2 days prior to semen analysis appointment.
• Obtain as much as possible of a single ejaculate in the container prior to your appointment and bring it with you. A fresh specimen is the best, less than 3 hours old, when it arrives at our office.
• If not reasonable to get the specimen to day of your visit (schedules are hectic) and you need to obtain it the night before, put the lid on securely, place the jar in a zip lock bag and store in the refrigerator overnight.

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