Welcome to Highlands Vasectomy Clinic where our only goal is to assist families in East Tennessee and South West Virginia with the most pain-free, cost-effective, and effective long-term birth control available.  Vasectomies are ALL WE DO and the real life needs and schedules of our patients are our first priority.  We offer evening and Saturday morning appointments.

We are currently having issues with our phone service by Verizon and they are working on fixing the problem. If you call our office number and are unable to speak to one of our staff or unable to leave a message, please call Dr. Griffith’s cell phone at 423-571-5487.

Follow us on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Highlands-Vasectomy-Clinic/694493897259138

4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dr Griffith is awesome. Everything was explained VERY thoroughly. Procedure was quick and easy. For an awkward procedure the atmosphere is quite laid back. Glad I chose Highlands.

  2. Very happy with the convenient, fast, and professional experience. Dr. Griffith is that rarest of breeds: a brilliant and thorough physician with a self-aware homespun style and a great sense of humor.

    Look no further, Tri-Cities, this place will help you make that final family planning decision a reality.

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East Tennessee and S. W. Virginia vasectomy. No needle, No scalpel Vasectomy, Bristol TN/ VA vasectomy